"Cargo transportation is in our wheelhouse!"

Transportation of industrial plants

– Railroad transportation of industrial equipment

OOO «Sputnik SPb» is engaged in servicing large enterprises of our city in the field of logistics.

We carry out receipt and shipment of cargos by rail of standard size load, as well as of oversized cargo.

Transportation of heavy industrial equipment includes supply of oversized low loaders to your enterprise. If necessary, we can supply truck cranes with lifting capacity up to 200 tons..

We will load any oversized equipment on motor vehicles and take away to our cargo terminal equipped for transshipment of oversized cargo.

As soon as practically possible, our specialists will transship any oversized cargo from a vehicle to a wagon or a platform. And extremely oversized cargo is transshipped to conveyers.

Rail shipment of oversized cargo is a complicated and labour-intensive process. Only professionals can arrange railroad transportation of equipment on conveyers.

Our company sends the following oversized cargos by rail:

  • oversized equipment;
  • oversized machinery;
  • oversized transformers;
  • oversized buildings;
  • oversized yachts and motorboats;
  • long loads;
  • long and oversized structures;
  • long piles;
  • oversized construction machinery;
  • oversized machine parts.

All the questions on rail transportation of industrial equipment you can ask our specialists by telephone 8 (812) 339–54–69 or via email sale@spb-sputnik.ru