"Cargo transportation is in our wheelhouse!"

Receipt of cargos on non-public railway tracks with provision of all the services for cargo handling

Receipt of cargos on non-public railway tracks with provision of all the services for cargo handlingIn Russia all the railways are divided into federal roads- owned by OJSC «Russian Railways» and private ones that were constructed or repurchased by private organizations. So loading to railway wagons is carried out on public or non-public tracks. Our company works on public railway tracks, as well as on non-public ones. As OOO «Sputnik SPb» is a direct consignor at railroads.

We rent railway tracks and send cargos from our cargo terminal that is located in Saint Petersburg, settlement Metallostroy. Our tracks are related to Izhory railway station (03080). But also our company renders services for cargo shipment from other access tracks, if it is of importance for our customer.

Operation on access tracks has its own advantages:

  1. Cargo is guarded by the owner of tracks during loading, and it is not abandoned at the station.
  2. Downtime of wagons on the tracks is the relationship between the consignor and the owner of tracks, and therefore, it is always possible to negotiate.

Among the minuses of operation on non-public tracks the most important one is that the consignor is entirely in power of the owner of tracks. And the owner has the right not to provide you with the loading/unloading site for wagons, if it does not want to. As well as to solicit additional expensive services.

That is because of minuses that OOO «Sputnik SPb» carefully and attentively selects its partners and in general we ship from our cargo terminal, where we have the necessary capacities.

After all, at our disposal we have not only warehouses with rail and car ramps and loaders with lifting capacity from 1.5 to 5 tons, but also overhead and truck cranes. All this decreases the cost of the expenses of our dear customers, and at the same time it increases attractiveness of our company.

Our terminal is located in Metallostroy industrial zone that is in its turn in close proximity to the Ring Road and to Petrozavodskoe shosse that makes us the indispensable assistant in arrangement of receipt and shipment of your cargo. Cooperate with us, and you will get the entire range of services for railway, saving money and time!

All the questions on receipt of cargos you can ask our specialists by telephone 8 (812)339–54–69 or via email rail@spb-sputnik.ru.