"Cargo transportation is in our wheelhouse!"


WarehousingOperating terminal is located in Saint Petersburg, Metallostroy settlement, 1st proezd house 8

With exit road to Petrozavodskoe shosse and to Moskovskoe shosse, near the Ring Road. Convenient access roads by motor vehicles, as well as by rail.

Base railway station Izhory.

Warehouse service

1. Custody.

  • Temporary storage at transshipment of cargos.
  • Documentation: execution of necessary incoming / outgoing documentation for goods and transport.
  • Flexible system of payment of services: payment under the tariff plans, subscriber service.

2. Handling operations.

  • Mechanized loading and unloading by «TOYOTA» forklifts with lifting capacity of 1.5 — 5 tons, availability of overhead cranes with lifting capacity up to 15 tons.
  • Manual loading and unloading of unpalletized cargos.
  • Palletizing of cargos.
  • Weighing of cargos (forklift scales).
  • Work with oversized cargos.

3. Warehousing logistics.

  • Control of storage and delivery of cargos according to expiry dates.
  • Planning locations and optimal rotation of cargoes at the warehouse.
  • Zoning of warehouses.
  • Segregation of isolated premises for valuable cargos.
  • Computer accounting, preparing reports on cargo traffic through the warehouse.
  • Forming and packaging of orders.
  • Sorting mixed cargos.