"Cargo transportation is in our wheelhouse!"

Storage of cargo in an indoor warehouse

Due to great demand for storage of power equipment, our company increased considerably warehouse areas. Storage of oversized cargo and operation with oversized cargo in an indoor warehouse is a very complicated and labour-intensive process. Not many companies can work with oversized cargo at warehouses. To deliver bulky cargo to a warehouse, large gate is necessary. Ceiling height at warehouses must also allow a truck crane to operate. OOO «Sputnik SPb» has all these conditions. We deliberately increased a door opening of gate up to 5 meters for delivery of oversized cargo to the warehouse.

Now storage of oversized machine tools and storage of large equipment for a long period of time is real!

Our specialists have a huge experience in transshipment and storage of oversized cargo. We constantly unload heavy and oversized equipment from containers and vehicles. We also store cargos on the open site. Our company has at its disposal overhead cranes with access railway tracks that considerably reduces the cost of expenses when loading cargos to wagons.

We have also warehouses for small cargos. So with our company it is possible to store various cargo, from pallet to oversized ones.

Call by phone number 339–54–69 and our managers will promptly calculate the cost of unloading and storage at various warehouses.