"Cargo transportation is in our wheelhouse!"

Storage of cargo in an outdoor warehouse

Due to the crisis, most companies had to review logistic expenses to reduce the production costs. And some companies just stopped and decided to wait out difficult time. To do this, they decide in favor of warehouses from «A» category to «C» category, and products that can be stored outdoors and do not require special conditions of storage move from enclosed spaces to open sites. Companies buy containers, our company brings them to its open site and fills the customer with cargo. Storage in containers on site provides the cargo safety, and in case of a long-term storage it is considerably cheaper than to store in an indoor warehouse. Container is a general-purpose packing, it is easy to operate with it, then upon the customer's desire we ship this container to any point on the globe.

And here interest to such companies as «Sputnik SPb» appeared.

Our advantages:

  • it is well-established warehousing service,
  • opportunity to work with oversized cargos,
  • a huge experience of work with challenging cargos,
  • the close location to Saint Petersburg,
  • a huge fleet of engaged motor vehicles and special vehicles,
  • availability of warehouse areas at open site and of warehouses of «C» category,
  • availability of access railway tracks,
  • high professionalism of our employees in all the activities,
  • our own engineers for development of drawings and schemes of fastening on rail transport,
  • individual approach to each client based on peculiarities of its cargo,
  • a large resource base for operations with oversized and heavy cargo.

Sputnik SPb, regardless of crisis, dynamically grows and constantly increases warehouse areas. And now we increased space for storage at open site.

Overhead cranes with lifting capacity up to 10 tonsoperate in an outdoor warehouse for convenience in operation for cargo handling. It is especially convenient for operations with open rolling stock for cargo shipment in gondola wagons and on platforms, and by motor vehicles with upper loading.

Our specialists are already waiting for your cargos. Together to the orbit of success!