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Warehousing services: storage and warehousing of cargos

Logisticsis any movement of material assets, i.e. cargo transportation and storage. And at the same time to optimize the flow warehouses are necessary, where accumulation, sorting, packaging, weighing and other warehousing services are possible.

In a logistic chain warehouses play the greatest and the most complicated role.

Terminal for transshipment of cargosis sometimes very necessary. But for receipt or shipment warehouse service is necessary, which task is storage and handling of cargo, otherwise cargo can get lost or confused. That is why we place the great importance to the warehouse terminal. Warehousing services and logistics are essential to cargo transportation. For transshipment of various cargos from motor vehicles to rail or sea transport, it is necessary to use the warehouse of temporary storage, as vehicles are of far less capacity, than other type of transport. Consolidation of cargos is necessary for further transportation by sea or by rail. But the cost of storage in a port is considerably more expensive, than in our terminal. Our company will arrange the entire range of services for you. We will take away your cargo by road to our terminal, will arrange custody until all the cargo is concentrated at our warehouse, and on the specified date we will load on rail transport and ship it. If necessary, we can perform final packing of repacking of cargo. Many companies have chosen exactly OOO «Sputnik SPb» to reduce costs for transshipment of cargo.

The consignor often does not know all the requirements for packing applied during cargo transportation. In general, it concerns rail transportation. Our company considered this problem and relieved «headache» for cargo packaging from the customer, having created a team of employees for packaging and fastening. Our engineers will calculate the cost of cargo storage at the warehouse, and all possible risks and will give an order to the team to create the necessary packing for any cargo. The cost of cargo storage primarily depends on volume, weight and type.

Warehouse is necessary not only for storage and repacking of cargos,but also for implementation of procedure for transferring the ownership rights for cargo.

Location of warehouses is also very important. Warehouses in Saint Petersburg are gradually removed from the city to the outskirts to clear the space for residential development that is trouble enough to logistics companies and owners of cargo.

For convenience of access, our terminal is located in close proximity to the Ring Road on Petrozavodskoe shosse that is not very congested by transport. In the industrial zone, where construction is not contemplated. The warehouse has ramps and access railway tracks for loading and unloading wagons, as well as trucks. It is especially convenient for fast transshipment of cargos during multimodal transportation.

Cargo terminal develops and is constantly modernized. To increase the speed of handling of cargos and to reduce the cost of loading and unloading, our company creates and purchases special tools and in the end of 2016 installed additionally a mobile tower crane. It undoubtedly improves warehousing services and reduces prices through cargo handling.

Close to the terminal providing services for cargo storage there is a guarded site for performance of loading and unloading oversized cargo and various equipment, with the opportunity to load by cranes, as well as self-propelled with the help of a front trestle.

The company has a huge experience in transportation and storage of various equipment, repacking various containers and rolling stocks. Provision of warehousing services in Saint Petersburg is our work. Having own team of strappers on the staff and the necessary machinery, such as loaders, cross pieces, chains, strops and other equipment that considerably reduces expenses and time for in-terminal handling. In our terminal 4 overhead cranes operate simultaneously that accelerates transshipment of cargo from gondola wagons to vehicles and vice versa.

Access railway tracks and motor roads plus a well-established warehousing service providing safe storage of cargos in St. Petersburg, availability of professional managers for operation with motor and rail transport, own equipment, and individual approach to each customer make our company the indispensable assistant in your business. Therefore, storage of cargo in Saint Petersburg with «Sputnik SPb» is beneficial and safe.

Warehousing services

Heated warehouses for oversized cargos

Development of OOO <Sputnik SPb> allowed to render unique services in the field of logistics.

The company has experience and opportunities for transportation, handling and storage of oversized cargos. High qualification of employees, jointly with opportunities of the terminal allowed to provide transshipment and storage of oversized cargos. Cargos up to 5 meters wide and up to 7 meters high can be stored at our heated warehouses with keeping the temperature up to +17 degrees. The warehouse allows the operation of truck cranes with lifting capacity up to 200 tons.
Ventilation and alarm system meets the highest requirements.

A rigging team has a great experience for craneless unloading and shifting cargos in the conditions of limited space. Open sites of the terminal allow to place cargos in close proximity to railway tracks. In this case the cost of loading and unloading decreases due to availability of 4 overhead cranes and opportunity of access of truck cranes with higher lifting capacity. If necessary, cargo located at the open site can be covered by shelter that considerably reduces the cost of storage for oversized cargo.

Opportunities of the terminal allow to transship cargos from low loaders to rail transporters with high lifting capacity.

To reduce costs for transshipment of extremely oversized cargos, OOO <Sputnik SPb>
uses river fleet. In close proximity to the terminal at the Neva river, in the mouth of the Izhora river there is an operating quay of the Izhorskiye zavody equipped for the possibility of transshipment of cargo to river ships with the help of a mobile crane, as well as by roll-on/roll-off method. Sputnik Spb has an opportunity to carry out shipment directly from this quay.

Applying to our company, you will surely get more than just cost calculation of transportation. Our managers will determine the best itinerary and type of transport. You will not have to conclude various contracts with different companies, to look for warehouses and transport, you get the solution of a complicated logistic problem from the direct provider who takes full responsibility for cargo at all stages of transportation or storage.

All the questions on rendering warehousing services you can ask our specialists by telephone 8 (812) 339–54–69  or via email  sale@spb-sputnik.ru

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