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Rent of truck crane

– Crane operation in Saint Petersburg

Rent of truck crane

Truck crane is mobile self-propelled lifting machines, very popular in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region due to a great number of construction sites and transshipment of cargos.

OOO «Sputnik SPb» began to use truck cranes when shipping a great number of oversized cargo from its terminal. With an increase in the number of cranes we can offer a new service – cheap rent of a truck crane.

Our company has an extensive fleet of truck cranes with various lifting capacity and specifications. We can offer for rent cranes with lifting capacity of 16, 25, 32, 40, 50 tons with gooseneck boom reach from 21 m to 96 m, and caterpillar cranes with lifting capacity of 100, 130, 160, 200 tons.

Depending on conditions, crane operation can be carried out by wheeled, caterpillar cranes, and truck loader cranes.

We can offer LIEBHERR MK 80 self-propelled tower crane with lifting capacity of 8 tons for construction companies.

We are ready to provide you with truck cranes in St. Petersburg for any district, including in the central part of the city, and in Leningrad region.

We have certified experienced strappers.

To save funds when loading and transporting cargos of small volume and weight, we offer to use loader cranes with various lifting capacity and length of body.

In case of complicated loading and unloading our specialists are ready to go on site of operation and to estimate possibility of loading and unloading, to specify, if it is possible to carry out crane operation.

Rent of a self-propelled truck crane with any lifting capacity in St. Petersburg is carried out by prior arrangement and signing a contract. The payment is made via bank transfer including 18% VAT that is convenient for most companies.

Professionalism of the employees of the company allows securing high service quality. We have individual approach to each client, discounts for regular customers for rent of a truck crane in the region. It is possible to arrange twenty-four-hour operation, including weekends. The price of rent of a truck crane depends on lifting capacity, type of a crane and a place of delivery.

The cost of rent of truck crane from 16 to 200 tons in St. Petersburg

Crane lifting capacity, tns Rate, rubles / shift (minimum 7+1 hours)
16 t 11000
25 tons, 21.8 m 12000
25 tons, 28 m 14000
32 t 19000
40 t 22000
50 t 31000

Hoisting capacity, tons Boom length, m Delivery, rubles Rate, rubles/shift (7+1hours)
100 52 17000 55000
130 58 22000 80000
160 60 42000 100000
200 72 52000 115000

The cost of rent of truck crane includes 18% VAT.