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City cargo transportation

– Cargo transportation in the city of Saint Petersburg

City cargo transportationCity cargo transportation is a difficult type of activity for a transportation company. The difficulty of transportation in St. Petersburg is in that city traffic congestion happens to break up transportation, unpredictably increase a shift of vehicles, and road works and closed nature of the center of the city force to choose traffic route and schedule of motor vehicles.

Specialists coordinating city transportation of cargos know and are able to find an optimal solution for operation of motor transport in Saint Petersburg. Our company carries out city truck transportation by any vehicles in St. Petersburg and in Leningrad region. Our company is equipped with trucks from «Gazelle» to a low loader for transportation of oversized cargo. And our company can provide you with special vehicles for operation in the city and in the region.

Primary direction for our company is support by any transport of enterprises of the city for cheap urban cargo transportation. So our company is ready to provide your company with any transport, transportation in St. Petersburg is carried out at a low price. Please be aware that our company works with 18% VAT, so prices are indicated with VAT included into the amount.

If you have any questions, you may ask our specialists by multichannel phone 8 (812)339–54–69 or via email spb@spb-sputnik.ru