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Truck transportation

–Oversized cargo transportation by road within Russia

Truck transportation

Truck transportation of cargos is one of the main types of transportation. City, intercity and international transportation is carried out by road. Transportation of cargos by road is currently the most beneficial option of transportation at the short distance and the fastest one.

OOO «Sputnik-SPb» renders a wide range of services for cargo transportation by road in the territory of Saint Petersburg, Russia, CIS and Europe. One of the main activities of our company is the use of euro trailers. Transportation by tent trailers is reliable and cheap option of transportation. The price of truck transportation of cargos depends on many reasons, such as the cost of fuel and fuel rate consumed by a vehicle. And also it depends on frequency of repairs, and thus on the operation quality of a vehicle. Our company evaded the problem of undermaintenance of vehicles by engaging direct owners of motor vehicles. And it means that each driver serves independently his vehicle, and tariffs for transportation of cargos by road decrease.

Transport services for cargo transportation within Russia include also transportation of bulky, heavy and long cargos of any complexity. Oversized transportation of construction machinery and special vehicles, equipment is carried out by low-bed trailers (low loaders). And we render services for transportation in trucks of less lifting capacity, namely vehicles of 1.5, 3, 5, 10 tons.

The cost of cargo transportation by road

To find out the price of transportation of cargos by road within Russia, you need to contact our company by the way convenient for you: using Feedback at the company's website or by telephone 339–54–69.

We work directly with the owners of motor vehicles that considerably reduces our costs, and therefore transportation becomes cheaper. Our company carries out automobile transportation of cargos within Russia, Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg. Also OOO «Sputnik SPb» carries out cargo transportation within CIS. Please be aware that even if a great own vehicle fleet is available, clients are not insured against absence of vehicles in specified direction. And our company has contracts with the owners of motor vehicles and vehicle fleets of various regions. In that regard, redelivery of motor vehicles (return) for a regional partner company reduces costs for transportation.

Our specialists will determine the best itinerary, contact partners in this direction, and promptly place any transport for loading. Thus, arrangement of cargo transportation by road is imposed completely on us. En route a driver is repeatedly tracked by GPS system or by global navigating satellite system (GLONASS).

OOO «Sputnik SPb» is a partner of major insurance companies of Russia and upon the customer's desire can insure quickly and with maximum discounts, thus securing risks related to truck transportation of cargo within Russia. We also cooperate with security firms that provide armed escort of highly valuable cargos en route.

Military transportation by road

Our company cooperates with many military enterprises on military transportation. To carry out military transportation, OOO «Sputnik SPb» opened a special account for contracts of State defense order.

For our clients' comfort, our company rents a cargo terminal, where, if necessary, we will quickly and to a good quality carry out transshipment of any cargo, including final packing of cargo, transshipment to rail transport. This service allows to take away any cargos from other warehouses for transshipment and further transportation by rail, and to deliver cargos incoming to the warehouse terminal.

All the work of OOO «Sputnik SPb» is based on providing a full service package for logistics. We know the value of your time and money, so we assume all the costs related to compatibility during transportation of cargos, thus making cargo transportation by road within Russia even more beneficial.

All the questions on shipment by road, by rail or on warehouse logistics you can ask our specialists, and find out rates for the transportation by road within Russia by telephone 8 (812)339–54–69 or via email sale@spb-sputnik.ru.

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