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Railway transportation of oversized cargos

Railway transportation of oversized cargosOversized railroad transportation is a complicated labour-intensive process requiring fundamental knowledge not only of railway opportunities and specifications of platforms and conveyers, but also knowledge for fastening and placement of cargos and specifications. Our specialists have sufficiently great experience in shipment of oversized cargos by rail.

Railroad transportation of oversized cargo within Russia requires the use of standard platforms, as well as of specialized rolling stock, such as conveyers and container platforms. Nowadays railroad fleet is represented by a great diversity of platforms that are owned by various private companies and Ministry of Transportation. Due to continuous work, OOO «Sputnik SPb» has proven itself to be a reliable partner, and so there are no problems with supply of any rolling stock.

Our employees develop independently schemes for fastening oversized cargo shipped by rail. Due to good access to railway tracks and a big site for shipping oversized cargo by rail, guarded for 24 hours, we can send extremely oversized cargos on conveyers. A crane of any power can be placed easily on our site.

Not nearly each railway station is suitable for shipping extremely oversized cargo by rail, and transportation of extremely oversized cargo by road happens to be impossible or very cost-intensive, so our company has a mobile team that is ready to go on site of loading of the oversized cargo to the nearest railway station. Address us, and our specialists will quickly determine opportunities of a station and access tracks.

OOO «Sputnik SPb», rendering the entire range of services for oversized transportation by rail, has an opportunity to store cargo intended for further shipment by road or by rail.