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Railway transportation of cargos

Railway transportation of cargos

Railroad transportation of cargos from Saint Petersburg

Railway transportation of cargos within Russia, is one of the most popular types of transportation in our country due to difficult climatic conditions and vast territory of the state.

Railway transportation of cargos is an enormous labour-intensive process that occupies the most important place in the modern logistics. Skills, deep knowledge and great experience of specialists performing these works are necessary for rail shipment of cargos. Since it is obligatory required for transportation to know not only specifications of existing domestic rolling stock: all-purpose wagons (covered wagons, gondola wagons, platforms), but also of specific rolling stock. Besides, it is obligatory required to know all the directives and orders that are continuously changing and specified. That is why only employees, qualified in railroads, are allowed to develop drawings and to carry out loading.

Knowledge of specifications of heavy-duty cranes are necessary for loading on railway platform for transportation of oversized cargos, as well as on conveyer. All the works for fastening are carried out by experienced specialists knowing Rules of transportation of cargos by railway transport. And as our engineers develop independently schemes and drawings of loading, and our teams of timberers carry out works quickly and to a good quality, so it considerably decreases expenses on transportation of cargos by rail in St. Petersburg.

Carrying out railway transportation from Saint Petersburg, we use as general-purpose rolling stock: these are wagons, gondola wagons, platforms, as well as specialized one. Railway transportation in St. Petersburg is our main working area.

Also, railway transportation of cargos within Russia requires the use of specialized rolling stock, such as conveyers, all-metal wagons, and transportation of cargos requiring power supply en route, requires diesel-generator-wagon (SLT).

We have employees with great work experience, and we will be able to arrange railway transportation of oversized cargo on platforms and shipment of extremely oversized cargo on conveyer even on heated one.

Great experience of our specialists for shipment of lots of all possible road-building machinery, various equipment, using railway platform for transportation of oversized cargos or conveyer, provides a guarantee to carry out transportation quickly and to a good quality.

An experienced team of strappers will place a cargo and fasten it securely with the use of necessary materials according to the schemes developed and agreed upon with «Russian Railways» taking into account all the requirements of ТУ ЦМ-943–03.

You can read about all these and many other services of our company on our website pages, and in case of any question feel free to contact our managers who in their turn will gladly answer them and, if necessary, will make an application for transportation of one cargo or another.

Railroad transportation of oversized cargos is our leading activity, and the team of professionals, gathered under guidance of a rapidly growing company, will save your nerves, money and time in solving a transportation problem.

Terms of shipment of oversized cargos by rail within Russia

Terms of shipment of cargos by rail depend on a cargo itself: type, size, packing and weight.

  • When shipping cargos in all-purpose gondola wagons or covered wagons, the speed of shipment depends on the speed of wagon supply and the loading rate.
    • The loading rate depends on experience of employees of the company and material and technical resources of the company (the presence of various tools and devices)
  • When shipping standard size load by rail, but of various forms, such as metal structures or equipment of various kinds, the correctness of a drawing or a scheme of loading influences the speed. And it depends on accuracy of cargo dimensions.
  • The speed of shipment of standard size and oversized equipment by rail depends on many factors:
    • Accuracy of cargo dimensions for calculation and making drawings of loading;
    • Speed of approval of these drawings with OJSC «Russian Railways».
    • Speed of supply of necessary general-purpose and specialized rolling stock (platforms, conveyers).

How one can reduce cargo shipment period:

How one can reduce cargo shipment period:

  • Submit an accurate application for cargo shipment indicating the exact cargo dimensions and weight, if it is equipment, then full name of brand and model of the equipment.
  • If possible, enclose cargo drawings.
  • To arrange a measurement of cargo prior to its handover to our company.

Approximate speed of preparation for shipment of oversized cargo by rail is 2 weeks.

For our customers, our company tries to increase speed of delivery in all possible ways.

We have professional strappers and loaders at loading, who use modern equipment and tools of our manufacture. Experience of the company's employees reduces to the maximum the risks related to the quality of cargo fastening and risks of delays related to loading and unloading.

Engineers of our company independently develop and agree upon loading drawings for rolling stock that considerably accelerates the process of execution of oversized cargo shipment by rail.

Only employees that passed exams of OJSC «Russian Railways» are allowed to develop schemes and drawings.

There are many cranes and loaders of various lifting capacity in the territory of terminal that ensure continuous work for loading or unloading wagons.

Also for acceleration of transportation, our company uses accelerated cargo trains that considerably increases the speed of cargo delivery throughout Russia. Thus, for example, accelerated container trains from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok deliver cargos in containers in 12 days, and low-oversized cargo from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk will arrive in 5 days! But upon each shipment it is necessary to get the manager's consultation on everything, who will provide you with full information on transportation and terms of cargo delivery by rail, as well as by road. Our employees will always help you to make the right choice of type of transport and optimal placement of cargo on rolling stock regardless of complexity of cargo.

«Sputnik SPb» makes it fast and easy!

Everything related to railroad cargo transportation in Saint Petersburg and within Russia, you can find out from our specialists by multichannel phone 8 (812)339–54–69 or via email rzd@spb-sputnik.ru.

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