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Intercity transportation of cargos

Intercity transportation of cargosRussia is a country of roads, as it is the biggest one in the world, so it has more than 745 thousand km of hard-surface motor roads. And our dynamically growing company is involved in transportation of various cargos by these roads.

Intercity transportation of cargos by road is the most mobile type of cargo delivery. Intercity truck transportation from Moscow and St. Petersburg requires the use of various vehicles. Our company can offer intercity transportation in St. Petersburg by trucks from 1 t to transportation by low loaders for oversized cargos. But the most popular one is transportation by euro trailers.

In general, intercity transportation within Russia requires the use of a euro trailer with lifting capacity of 20 tons and volume of 82 cub.m not without reason, as it is the best rolling stock. The most used type for truck transportation within Russia. It has various types of loadings.

Intercity cargo transportation which cost matches quality of delivery. If you use trucks for transportation of less volume and lifting capacity or on the contrary, more, it leads to higher expenses for logistics. Applying to OOO «Sputnik SPb», we assure you that our specialists will offer the best type of motor vehicles, and the best itinerary. As our company carries out not only intercity transportation by road, but also transportation by rail, they will offer cost of transportation by all types of transport for comparison.

Our work is comprehensive support of your business in the field of logistics, that is why our company is attentive to any cargo movement, and to consolidate cargos we have a cargo terminal, where we can collect your cargo from various places and having transshipped it to euro trailers, we will arrange delivery to any part of Russia, where there are motor roads, at the same time saving your funds and nerves. And where there are no roads, we will arrange cargo delivery by cross-country vehicles.

Partners of our company are many transportation companies and vehicle fleets from other regions of our boundless Motherland. And to save your funds, our company finds available vehicles that return back to their region, thus we reduce expenses for cargo transportation by road.

OOO «Sputnik SPb» is ready to offer you the following type of motor vehicles:

  • Gazelle (1.5 tons),
  • Bychok (3.2 tons),
  • Gaz (5 tons),
  • 10-ton truck,
  • Euro trailer (20 tons),
  • Container truck,
  • Mega (20 tons),
  • Low loader for transportation of oversized cargos (over 20 tns).

We are looking forward to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.